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Some Facts About The Internet That Nobody Knows!!!

Mobile is being used by many people all over the world. An important feature of the mobile is the Internet.

The Internet, which is used by many today, was discovered 50 years ago in Bear Garden.
Less than half of the world’s population now uses the Internet with 3.26 billion people.
The average person who uses the Internet spends ten hours a day using the Internet.
It is worth noting that this feature, called Wireless Internet, was invented in September 1990. Before that, people used the Internet via Ethernet, but it is still used in some places.
60% of people who use the internet use mobile.
The internet searches 50 million searches a day worldwide.
So far, more than 150 million smart homes have been set up worldwide.
Is the Internet a danger to children? 
The Internet can create depression and mental health problems that are detrimental to children’s mental health.

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