How to protect passwords on mobile phone, laptop, computer from hackers

How to protect passwords on a mobile phone, laptop, computer from hackers…

In today’s modern age our electronic devices are being hacked by hackers. On the one hand, despite their ability to achieve this, in many cases, our devices are hacked due to the mistakes we make.
That way we can see how to securely use passwords for our devices, whether from hackers or malicious websites.


1. Do not use names as passwords. Especially since it is so easy to avoid being used by your parents, siblings, friends or pets name, your vehicle number, etc. and these are easy to find and remember by others.

2. Do not use the same password on multiple sites If one of your accounts is hacked by someone they will try to use the same password in other cases.

3. Never use PIN ie secret digits of credit and debit cards as passwords. Do not use your phone numbers as well.

4. Birthday year dates should not be used as passwords.

5. When creating a password you should no longer simply create digits.


6. Do not store your passwords online in any form Do not even store them in the Email Draft Box. You can write or save it manually on your device that is not connected to the internet but you should always be careful.

7. An already used password should not be reused. Most sites do not accept the password currently in use. Allows the oldest password on some sites though. To avoid this completely you can find lists of expired passwords on the Dark Web or hacker databases.

8. Use  Two Factor Authentication where this facility is available.

9. Try changing passwords once every few months to ensure the security of your devices or websites. This is a difficult task but it will definitely pay off for you.

10. Browsers like Google Chrome are asking for the option to save passwords. Although these features may help us in some way, it is better that we avoid them. If you access malicious websites, all your stored passwords may be compromised.


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