Do you want to protect your Twitter account?

Do you want to protect your Twitter account?

The processor used by many people around the world One vulnerability has been found in the Twitter Android processor used by ordinary people to celebrities. The Twitter company has warned people to use Twitter on the Android processor. Twitter has announced that it will be updating its Android Twitter processor immediately.

This flaw has often been found on Twitter in Android 8 and 9 versions. It is also said that Twitter may have implemented SMS. But there is not enough evidence to prove this. Twitter has announced that it has released a 2018 update to this bug. Android 8 and 9 passengers’ personal information is being questioned as it has affected their Twitter processor. The Twitter company had planned to fix these flaws and let travelers know. This security flaw was discovered by the famous researcher Hackerone. The controversy was sparked by the recent revelation of information about banned Bitcoin from the accounts of celebrities. The hackers then hacked the Twitter accounts of celebrities. Celebrity Twitter accounts returned to normal after a long struggle.

The hacking was suspected by the United States to have been carried out by Russia or China, followed by an investigation. The investigation has revealed that a group of 3 youths hacked the Twitter account of celebrities and published information about Bitcoin. Nima Basil, 22, of Florida, Haberd, 19, of England, and Graham Clare, 19, of Third. It has also been revealed that Graham was the main contributor to the hacking.

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