Why do so many people think they should buy an iPhone?

Why do so many people think they should buy an iPhone?

About iPhone: 

The Apple iPhone company I phone belongs to the United States. The company uses Apple’s mobile software, iOS, instead of using Android’s software on their devices. This is one of the reasons why the iPhone is so expensive.

They have not only mobile software but also Mac software for computers.

Both of these software are closed sources. Android and Windows open source.

1.Prices increase:

First of all their personal respect because people are of the opinion that such a purchase will get unique respect as it is superior to the iPhone.

2. Safe:

Secondly, the iPhone is more secure than the Android mobile because it is a covered site. The iPhone has software that makes it easy for anyone to control the iPhone.

3. Quality:

The quality of the iPhone is better than that of the Android mobile, although the camera looks better, for example. Quality for the money you pay, in a single line.

Which is better for Android and iOS?

I have to say that iOS mobile is generally better for women. Because none of the women will use it big time their thoughts will all end up in small processors. And nowadays women need security. If we control someone’s mobile, it’s like changing their life.

iPhone is best for you not only for women but also for men you are a businessman I will not use anything much.

No. I will use more mobile I need to download more processors while searching more is best for you on Android mobile.

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